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We focus on providing high quality food and household products that are kind to the planet and all animals that live on it. All products that you will find on our shelves are vegan friendly, not tested on animals and selected to minimize the impact on our surroundings.

We want to bring plant-based, vegan alternative foods into the spotlight with our range of delicious mock “meats”, dairy-free cheeses, egg-free mayonnaise and other exciting products. We’re determined to dispel the myth that vegan food is bland and boring because we know that is simply not true – taste testing is the best part of the job! And guess what? You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy them too…

Caring for animals also means caring for the planet. We offer a wide range of zero-waste detergents, cleaning products, soaps and shampoos that are made from natural and ecological ingredients. We also support the use of natural and biodegradable household items and waste-reduction products such as re-usable coffee cups, bottles and straws.

We try to source as much of our products as possible from local suppliers and manufacturers, and to keep packaging to the minimum that we can.

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